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The pain you’ve caused me still isn’t gone. The knot in my stomach is still there. The cut you gave me still hasn’t healed. You are horrible. I still mean everything I said to you the last time we talked. I have such a furious feeling about you. It hurts so badly. What you did can never be forgiven. I feel like I wasted so much time. All of that effort and hardship for nothing. All of the money I spent on you. The entire summer I spent with you. Making my time at school even longer. Just so I could spend summer with you. And you just gave up. You flat out quit. I feel I’m better off. The whole time, I felt uninspired, depressed, stressed, and basically imaginatively dead. And the pressure you put on top of it just made it so much worse.
So I’m glad I’m here. I’m doing well in school, I have a good job that I like, and I’m inspired. You mean nothing anymore. You are nothing to me. Even though it still hurts like nothing else, you mean nothing. I hope you’re miserable. You deserve it.

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